Our Services

Hotel Management

With more than 30 years of hotel management experience, Nofar Hotel Group is adept at engaging team members, capturing incremental revenue, driving profitability, improving guest experience and positioning our hotels as standouts amongst the competition.

Revenue Management

Nofar Hotel Group provides revenue management support to each of our hotels on a daily basis. Our expertise in analyzing and optimizing revenues from all available sources helps fill our hotel rooms with the right guests, from the right booking channels, at the right rates.

Aquisition & Development

Nofar Hotel Group boasts more than three decades of brand-level hotel acquisition and development experience. With several projects in the pipeline—each in diverse segments and locations—our team is always exploring opportunities for the future. We have an award-winning reputation as a franchise parter, and are committed to the promises and guidelines set forth by each of our hotel brands.

Sales & Marketing

Nofar Hotel Group works directly with associates at our hotels to develop, implement and track effective sales and marketing strategies. We apply tools and tactics tailored to each hotel and market to maximize potential revenue sources in key sectors.


As experts in hotel receivership, Nofar Hotel Group knows what it takes to make management and other necessary physical and operational changes to enhance our hotels’ profitability and cash flow—thereby securing, stabilizing, protecting and increasing the value of our hotel properties.